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How does art help tell the story of mixed race Asian Americans? Exhibit curator Laura Kina, associate professor of art, media and design at DePaul University, describes how this show helps to visualize the complexities of mixed-heritage Asian American identities.

Kina addressed some of the key issues this exhibit draws on during the DePaul Art Minute, a video short that provides a forum for DePaul professors to relate their expertise to artwork at the DePaul Art Museum. Similar to TEDtalk’s mission to spread great ideas, the DePaul Art Minute gives DePaul faculty members the opportunity to discuss their ideas on artwork at the museum.

The DePaul Art Museum examines mixed race Asian American identities and histories with “War Baby/Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art.”

Kina further explains how through traditional media as well as video, installation and other approaches, artists featured in the exhibition explore a range of topics, including U.S. wars in Asia, multiculturalism and identity politics, racialization, gender and sexual identity, citizenship and transracial adoption.

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