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CHICAGO –Barry Kellman, a professor of international criminal law and director of the International Weapons Control Center at DePaul University, is available to comment on reports that Senate Intelligence Committee chairs have announced that Syria used chemical weapons. Kellman also can comment on the Obama administration’s position to engage militarily if chemical weapons are used.


Kellman is a leading authority on countering security dangers associated with biological and chemical weapons control and terrorism. He has worked on behalf of the global Chemical Weapons Convention, which makes use of chemical weapons a crime, and has served as legal advisor to the National Commission on Terrorism.


According to Kellman:


·     “President Obama’s and Secretary-General Rasmussen’s statements, vowing to hold accountable anyone who uses chemical weapons, are altogether consistent with international law.”


·       “The prohibition against the use of chemical weapons has ancient roots, codified in the Geneva Protocol and made binding in the Chemical Weapons Convention. Use of chemical weapons is an international crime specifically included within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.”


·      “To be optimally effective, the threat of punishment must be seen as realistic not only by Syrian president Bashar Assad himself, but by anyone who is or has enabled him to have and use these weapons and who might still influence him.”

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