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Art has the capacity to convey complicated environmental problems through powerful, universally understood images, says Barbara Willard, associate professor in DePaul University’s College of Communication.


Willard spoke of the power of art to convey complex environmental issues during the inaugural DePaul Art Minute, a video short that provides DePaul professors with a forum to relate their expertise to artwork at the DePaul Art Museum. Similar to TEDtalks’ mission to spread great ideas, DePaul’s Art Minute gives DePaul faculty members the opportunity to discuss their ideas on artwork at the museum.


Willard spoke about “Climate of Uncertainty,” an exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum featuring 12 artists engaged in long-term projects addressing humans’ role in environmental degradation. Works in the exhibition reveal ways that individuals, industries and government have exploited, abused or depleted natural resources and explore alternative approaches to environmental issues by challenging the viewer to imagine a more hopeful future.


Art is able “to communicate this information in ways that will start the conversation and bring people to an awareness of these problems,” Willard said.


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