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DePaul is committed to providing quality education through personal attention to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

  • DePaul is the nation’s largest Catholic university and ninth-largest private, not-for-profit university based on enrollment of 24,966 students for the 2012-2013 academic year.

  • In fall 2012, DePaul undergraduate enrollment was 16,498, graduate enrollment was 7,544 and College of Law enrollment was 924.

  • The fall 2012 freshman class of 2,593 students reflects DePaul’s long-standing commitment to diversity. Hispanic/Latino students were 17 percent of the class, African-American students were 5 percent, and another 7 percent were either Asian, Pacific-Islander or Native American. The class is 56 percent female. Approximately 64 percent of freshmen come from Illinois.

  • DePaul enrolled 1,733 new transfer students for the fall 2012 quarter, positioning the university among the nation’s top 10 private universities for transfer enrollment.

  • The average high school GPA for new freshmen was at an all-time high of 3.6 for the 2012-2013 academic year.

  • 31 percent of DePaul’s full-time freshmen are from families where neither parent has a college degree.

  • Approximately 5,000 degree and non-degree seeking students attend classes at DePaul’s two suburban locations and the O’Hare Campus. More than 2,900 students take online courses from DePaul.
  • Approximately 300 student organizations are registered at DePaul, including those that focus on volunteerism, religious interests, cultural heritage, academic interests, student government, Greek life, political activism, sports and recreation.
  • Currently, DePaul campus housing accommodates about 2,300 undergraduate and graduate students. There are 11 traditional residence halls, resident hall apartments and apartment communities on DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus. DePaul shares one residence hall with other institutions near the Loop Campus.

  • DePaul’s Seton Hall was ranked No. 3 among the country’s 15 best college residence halls in the Dormy Awards national survey of 9,000 students compiled by CampusSplash.

  • Approximately 2,300 undergraduates complete internships for academic credit through the Career Center’s University Internship Program and other departmental and college programs.

  • The Career Center at DePaul conducts approximately 24,000 consultations with students annually through advising services, networking events, job fairs and workshops.

  • More than 400 organizations actively recruit DePaul students on campus each year for job and internship opportunities.

  • More than 9,000 jobs and internships are posted annually to the Career Center’s online recruiting site, and more than 60,000 applications are submitted to these postings.